Teacher, Teacher?

Thu, 10/17/2013 - 10:30 -- evan95


Teacher, Teacher by the wall

Is this the best lesson of them all?

All you do is make us read,

Is this really what we need?


All of your lessons,

Seem like obsessions.

And now it’s time,

to draw the line.


Students need to learn a skill,

Not fall asleep or take a pill.

Students need to use their hands,

Get outside and explore the land.


Our nation is falling apart piece by piece,

Without guidance we meet defeat.

Teachers need to understand,

We are students and need a hand


Give us hammers, wrenches, drivers and sockets

Not pieces of paper we stuff in our pockets.

Give us tools to help us see,

What our future needs to be.


We need activities that strengthen our will,

Not books of people that lived to kill.

We need a generation with skilled trades,

Not groups of people with good grades.


We’d all like to know what you believe,

Which of the two do we need?


A man that works every day of his life,

to support a child and his wife.

Working hard using his skills,

Building a family with his will.


Or how about a man thousands in debt,

Living his life with regret.

Worked very hard for his degree,

now unemployed he begins to see.


The hardworking man covered with sweat,

Living a life with no regret.

He fixes cars, which is funny,

Because that man makes some MONEY.


Which the men described above,

Would walk up to you and give you a hug?


Teacher, Teacher you’re a fool,

If you believe this is school.

With the future in your hand,

I think it’s time we take a stand.


                                   Evan Windsor (A proud member of Skills USA.)


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