TBA (To Be Announced)

A new life
Potential with no seeming end
A new beginning, no sign of strife
But to begin, however, is also to end
A military child
Moving from state to state
The change was wild
Just longing for father-daughter time, at least a single calendar date
School arrives
Back in Kentucky
A place to begin a life of lives
Boy, did the child feel lucky
Elementary, my dear
Grades k through five
Middle school grew near
With few friends, no matter how hard of a try
God and Academic Team provided solace
A place to belong with others
That was until she convinced herself that others know less
No one to befriend, no one and their mothers
Bullying is rough
Quite a burden to carry
She had had enough
Was life what she had hoped for? No, nary
High school was a new slate
A place with new friends
Acceptance at last, it was not too late
Such a new life never seems as if it ends
Now university approaches
A fearsome new existence
How the unknown ever encroaches
The life of lives, however, can now only be reached through persistence
The end to be announced
The end to be announced 


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