Words we use, to say what we feel.
To make them understand, in this unspoken deal.
Words not our own, but stolen from past years.
Nothings original, but we are only focused on the thoughts of our peers.
Its hard to influence how they see us with words, when between your lips to their ears it changes, and may be misheard.
One last breath, to express something extreme. 
But they dont care about words not their own, thats the seam.
In the relationships based just on sounds,
we've learned communication can control all those around.
The goal is to make them see how you feel, to better understand.
But what you care about, to them, is pretty bland.
Words can make them cry, pain growing in over the years,
Left to be expressed with words that can make you laugh over these tears.
Wether the words intended to hurt or not, it only matters how its received.
These voices are only bearers of what commands and lessons we have retrieved.
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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