Taking Her For Granted

I'm sorry I took your time for granted

I was shy but very romantic

and I wish you'd understand that I loved you

even more than I did myself, too


I was just very afraid

and I wasn't sure if you'd like what I made.

And so I panicked, I hid the gift

and then I tried to be so slick and swift


I told you I forgot it,

Maybe the next day,

Or just wait a little bit!

but you could not wait,

You were fed up and went away.


I knew my plan wouldn't work, and it didn't

and that's when our friendship became so different

You stopped replying to my texts,

and that hit me with so many kinds of effects

I became sad,

and because of my foolish fear,

I ruined all that we had.

And I knew It'd be long until I'd once again have you near.


And now it's almost been three years,

And I've gotten over my biggest fear

but now all you do is push me away

growing distant and distant every day


just call up upon me and believe me when i say

that I love you, and I promise that this time I will stay.

Never again will I walk away in fear

because my love for you now is too severe


I'm sorry I took your time for granted

Even throughout all this time, you are the one I always wanted

and I wish you'd understand that I love you

even more than I do myself, too

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