takes me back in time


2 a.m in a summer night im standing out side my backyard

its not cold its not hot ,the summer night skys cant be anymore clearer at this point

the smell of this darkets hour can do nothing more but enlighten me

not because its dark not because im alone not because of its great silence 

because when i close my eyes i can see im back june 2009 im jumping the fence of my backyard makeing sure i make no noise to wake my mom up 

the adrenaline rush going through my whole body filled with excitement and im nervouse 

hope my mom doesnt wake up ! hope i dont get caught! i have to hurry my friends are waiting for me!

what if a cop stops me its not a good  for a 14 year old roaming thre streets at this time.

i want to go back to summer practice for cheer i want to feel my freshman year again 

i go to my room and grab an old body spray id always wear called sweet coconuts 

i blink once im at the field of my school wearing my really small shorts my hair is high up on a pony tail im all sweaty and tired feeling good about myself and my cheer squad 

im sitting on the grass thinking about how high school will be cute football players!! parties! prom ! graduation ! oh my god i cant believe im in high school already! 

omg theres a hot senior headed this way ! Jessica dont say anything! Do i look like crap?

im listening to "swing life away "im instantly standing next to my first love now

mom uum this my friend frizz, thats not his real name but thats what they call him,he's a football player  

my mom can not know we are going out she will tell my dad and ill be dead! I love you Frizz.

nevermind im changing the song i dont want to go back to imprisonment with my ex i like my freedom i like haveing my personal life i like having my friends again its been 2 and half years with out them.  Bye Frizz

"The veldt" great song ever

im looking down at my ipod  i look back up my screen is not there anymore im walking out the door of my house im opening the gate walking towards rait its a goodnoght so far

Bacon im already on my way to youre house! im so pumped up for this party ! this is gonna be an awsome summer! class of 2013! dude  i cant belive we are graduating next week! well ill talk to you later im almost at youre house!

the song is giving me good chills i have the biggest grin on my face never felt more alive im not on drugs im not under any sort of influence im just back in time! reliving the greatest points of my life all in a chair with a few liite trigger points 

it can be a certain smell certain hour certain color certain picture certain anything  

with just one blink im time traveling in my head the only place where i know i can count on and just run away back in time and i can only see it no one else can 

to become lost  in times where my smiles actually stayed on my face  where i felt the warmth and sometimes go back to times where i was scared  will remind me today why i was scared 

there is such thing as a time machine 





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