Take a Bow


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It’s all an act.
They say they want to help,
But they don’t
They act like they care,
But they don’t.
They are just like
Everybody else in today’s society:
All they care about is what THEY think
Even if it’s wrong,
All they care about is how they look to everyone else
Even if it is just a disguise,
All they care about is themselves
And how they look to the ‘important’ people.
They always try to come off as a good person,
Like they give a shit,
But in reality they wouldn’t even notice if you
It’s all an act.
They are all actors.
They come off as nice at first,
But then they attack you with their cold and emotionless lies,
Their deadly stares.
Now, take a bow.
You sure could have fooled me.

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