Take Another

Take another.

How much harm can it do,


Drink me down like water.

Skip the slow sips,

guzzle down the burn like

setting fire to your chest.

Everyone's an addict.

The way we link ourselves

to what we believe

we need.

Whether or not it is sin,

what makes us bleed,

what makes us breathe,

what keeps us awake at night,

craving, our bodies



Always on something.

It doesn't matter

if it's legal,

in a needle,

cased away in bottles,

or the high you get off your lover's

words spoke to you

like the bible,

their hand on the small of your back

and how it feels to be

with someone you missed.

High still the same.


So drink away.

Drink your addiction further

into its crater.

A black hole in the pit of your stomach

begging to be filled.

"I regret,”

meaning nothing.

Temptation is stronger than ever

and you aren't fighting.

Shrug your shoulders.

One more day

another glass

another attempt

to pray for it to pass.

No in between from

taking it one step at a time

and running a marathon.


When we were kids

you told me

that you could fly and

now I see it.

Just the slightest.

When you said that

you were high

I assume that's what you meant.

I didn't take you as the one to lie


I don't see you making progress

like you claimed you would.

In fact

I haven't seen your feet

touch the ground in years.

What have you given up

for me?


If you aren't moving forward

the best I can do

is stand behind you

so at least you can't

go back.


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Our world


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