Sweet to Too Deep


I miss you.

Coming over with that damn cigarette in your ear.

Telling me all the info, all the stuff I wanna hear.

Listening to my "boy problems" and giving me advice

Calling you to calm me down when me and moms had a fight

Bringing the homies together to talk about the problems

If i had any disputes with a guy you knew how to solve em

Talking about sis i got you, if im witchu your safe 

Not knowing soon i would have too only picture your face.

October 18... 2am  i was woke out of my sleep

my mom yelling its your brother he got burned with the heat

My body froze. My heart dropped , im sure it skipped a beat.

I thought No Not my brother , he know better that cant be.

Phone rings another call but my thought ran too deep

I hang up and try to move but my feet stayed still

The atmosphere changed it didnt seem real

All I could picture was someone wilding with the steel

Leaving my Brother all alone hunched over at the wheel

Phone rings I answer , they say " Has anybody told you?"

I was hoping it wasn't bout Julius that moms had the wrong news

"He's gone, i just thought i should tell you"

Im thinking to my self like bro i said i wouldn't fail you.

I got the strength to get up but then my body collapsed

" Stop saying that its not true, he has a look alike perhaps"

I tried to call him... No answer... Called again.. He didnt pick up

Then it hit me , it's true because he always picks up .

the last thing he said , was graduate sis your a genius make money for us two

I love you sis , we can split the profit . if i was smart id do it for you.

JuJu bro i miss you aint no way i'll forget what you said

So when i graduated May 20 your voice kept playing in my head

I Love you too Brother your my motivation in life.

I cant wait to see you when i join the AfterLife . 





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