The surrender


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United States

Old friend , here we are again sitting in the same dampered room we were born in.

The same feelings that come rushing over us when we are alone have come crashing in on us again.

Here we are again, alone in a crowed room pondering how we ended up like this again? 

We're still trying to hold on , still trying to fight, but In our minds we're still trying to find ways to get out of this.

Here our thoughts lay down in our mind and here they must stay , wondering if we will ever truly have that escape?

Abusive love, abusive past, how much longer will it last?

We were only kids when it began.

Broken homes and broken dreams , who were we to believe that it wasn't our mistake?
Who were we to believe that we could turn those dreams into realities?

Here we are again another decades passed , still sitting in another room that will never last. 
People always come but be assured they will always go.

One day you wake up and all those memories you had built crumble before your own eyes.

That once so vibrant and welcoming smile that used to light up at the sight of an old friend now filling your body with rage as you realize that those days are forever just a memory and that's all they are and all they ever will be.

There's no such thing as fixing the past you see, it's just struggling to keep breathing in a world consumed by hate and remorse. 

Someone will grow tired and someone will give up, and then you too will sit here forever a memory, just like me you see.



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