what defines our lives

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Dear Old Friend,/ I Remember your crazy face / Especially when you made jokes about my hair / Walking in the shadow of the moon we laugh / Waking everybody up / Remember those days of Happiness / When we watch those ladies walk / Late to school we
I am from gravel, From chrysanthemums an lilacs I am from the smell of gasoline and the taste of blood From the water faucet hiding behind the fence I am from the mossy, jagged rocks Engulfed by woods
Abuelo I don’t know how to say this I don’t even know where to begin How do you write a tribute to someone who you still think is there? Cuz you see, you’re not really gone in my mind yet
The deaths of waves upon the shore Without a shout commence. But courses of their peaks and troughs Resound in timelessness.   As she breathes her final breath Her silent dream is cut
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