Super heros


United States
38° 20' 46.4172" N, 88° 17' 6.1512" W

We always think of super heros
As saving lives and beating foes
They wear capes and uniforms and
Have the powers of storms

My superhero had none of these
He worked real hard and built with trees
He wore long sleeves and a hat
Cowboy boots and wrangler pants

He worked his hardest night and day
To ensure his girl was ok
He always worked his very best
Until the day life was stolen from his chest

And just in case you haven't guessed
My super hero is the best
He was my very best friend
He was there for me to the end

My super hero wasn't just ordinary
He loved me when i did bad
My super hero is my dad



He was always there for me. He was the only person who was always ready to listen


Shawnee, as a father, this poem touched me. Thank you for sharing his extraordinary life in this poem. I'm sorry for your loss.

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