waking up and getting out of bed, you figured that the suicide dream you had felt all to real. 

You go find your mom, she's fixing breakfast you try talking to her but you realize she's ignoring you

you try waving and getting her attention but she doesn't stir. 

You then realize that this must be a joke so you ignore her back, so you go to school,

there people ignore you and this makes you angry so you go home and hear your mom crying. 

Your curious as to why she's crying in your room so you slowly open the door and see yourself 

hanging in the closet with a scarf around your neck. Your eyes bulging out of your head. 

you collapse.

Days later you awaken beside yourself and find you are trapped in a dark space

you realize it's a coffin and you jump out and your eyes scan the room a lot of people came all just for you

you notice that you are cared about, you are loved, you are needed.

Next morning you wake up you find it a dream and you rip your suicide notes into shreds.

Why kill yourself when there are people out there who truly love you even if you don't think they do.

Keep your head up because things will get better in the end.  



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