Suicidal Tendencies

Recently, I've had a problem with suicide...

Just thinking about it, you know?

Seems like things would be a lot easier

If I just died.

No bills to pay, 

No worries

No one to disappoint

Nothing to worry about.

Just darkness.

The same shade of darkness you see when you close your eyes to sleep.

For all eternity just blissful, peaceful sleep.

I spend more time sleeping than I do living anyway..

So in reality it wouldn't be much of a difference to me.

But to those I left behind?

They're the ones who get the short end.

The raw deal.

I suppose.

But if I myself no longer want to be around,

Why would anyone else? 

When I do die

Don't cry for me

I did enough of that myself 

When I was alive.




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