Sugar Coated Reality

Did I grow too fast?

Was it suposed to be this way?

Youth is a state of mind.

Yet we dwell on the physical.

We are an embodiment of the costant reminder that we are nil.


Since when is bein human wrong.

Why does age mean an end.

Life never ends and yet we all die young.

We fight a process in place for thousands of years.

Am I suppose to fear living when my life has ust begun.


My mind spins from all the messages.

It all doesn't quite click.

I'm not tall, beautiful or physically fit.

I can't make rain using dollars to wipe my shhh


You hear that?

it's the sound of tencty, the sound of resllience.

Sacrifices were made so I could experience.

Education, freedom and comfort yet the world is telling me it still needs more.

I'll go hungry, swell my back.

Stay up restless to pay them what they deserve.


Honor thy family,

You know where you come from.

Mama had to spend nights crying before she got to smile.

And as her child you do what you must.

Learn, grow, prosper, pursue because you were once her dream.


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