Submerged (12/11/2013)

Falling for someone is exactly that,


you find yourself submerged in a glass tank

of the clearest, sweetest blue water 

it doesn't feel like you're drowning


Weightless, floating

you're drifting in and out of conciousness

in a dream

where only sunlight and laughter dwell

The hand you're holding, reminds you that you don't drift alone


This child like enthusiasm,

the trust you bestow to this person

even under water their eyes never waver


It had started subtly,

a small trickle around your feet

but over time it rose and you never noticed...

when it passed your neck


Til you're submerged 

for half a second, you're panicked,

then you look at the hand you're holding,

the person you've learned to call "love

and you understand

even as the cool liquid closes over your head

and your vision is slightly blurred

you realize there's an advantag

even submerged,

you've learned to breathe underwater



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