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Struggles are road blocks in your ways

Some go away fast,

Some go away slow

I would like to say they won't hurt you

But then I would be lying to you.


I have gone through struggles all my life

Just because I am young, doesn't mean anything

Everyone has problems, I have mine

I have gone through them all my life.


I want others to smile

To laugh

To feel joy

Even if it costs my happiness.

These are struggles I face

I admit it

I care too much


But if I don't who will care for you?

People say it's survival of the fittest

OF course we go against many challenges


Challenges become our struggles

Be careful for what you wish for

They could be your worst struggle yet.


But don't fret there are people there who will help

I found someone to help me

You'll find someone to help you too.


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