The Struggle


United States
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We all have struggles
school,work, or simply just life
that stress doubles
makes us feel like we are in a bubble,
trapped in our struggles
school should be,
one achieves what others can't in their lifetime,
but graduated from college.
Don't be solid,
strive for more,
pursue your dreams.
Anything is possible,
if it helps,
work as a team
that's how you'll realize your dreams.
College should be first,
it won't be making you look like dirt.
I surely will pursue my dreams with a scholarship,
I'm no genius,
I'm just a person with typical struggles,
with financial needs
but with achievable dreams.



Hey, I liked this a lot.. it had an inspirational flow to it. It's kinda hard to explain, but I felt it.. It was very good, keep writing.. and I hope things will get better for you. :)


Please check my work out if you have time, I hope you'll enjoy it.. 

Plus, I hope you can relate to it.. thanks! 

Keep writing. :) 

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