stronger than words

On my seventeenth birthday I found out that my eight year old brother was getting bullied at school; it inspired me to write this poem. My goal for Stronger than Words is to encourage people of all ages to rely on the strength of the Lord to bring them out of any obstacles they may face and to assure these people that nothing anyone says is true unless they believe it. So to everyone, stay strong!

Your words do not hurt me
because you are my enemy
You do not define who I will become, no in that you have no say
Because I am a happy person and you will not ruin my day
I will not lose any sleep over you or shed any tears
For I have God as my witness and you will not be included in my fears
Muscles built from weights, a mind built of steel
Don’t speak words of anger, speak words that heal
A voice to be heard, but a tongue that can cause death
Your words will never ever hurt me, so don’t waste your breath
Your words do not break me
Your words will not shake me
Your words won’t shackle me
Your words cannot tackle me
For I am born brave and raised strong
No matter my challenges I know right from wrong
I know that someone loves me more than you’ll ever know
I have a God that’s big so I will stand out not lie low
You shall not affect me
His strength protects me
Your words mean nothing
Because I AM something
I close my ears and shut out all your lies
At the end my lows will always be lower than my highs
For you cannot reach me I’m too far to touch
You are crippled by ignorance and God is my crutch
I will laugh at your silly games
And mock your every try
Your words WILL NOT break me
And you’ll never understand why


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