Sun, 02/28/2016 - 23:32 -- Cammy

All I need is strength.


not the pretty kind, lifting weights


not the strong kind, punching face


not the weak kind, crying in a friend's arms


I need myself.



I need the trust


that comes with a thousand steps in solitude


that comes with a solid look, handshake by side


I need the confidence


I need the truth


I need the bravery


I need the knowledge


I need the courage, to take a step forth in this troublesome world


to step forward every day


not a step back


to look someone in the eye


knowing they won’t attack


I need the fear


the terror


the icy chill


the grief


cause in life I am so naive



I need the strength


to face what’s to come


because without it,


i’ll be lost before i’m done.


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