String of Life

Do you learn because you hear, see, or read knowledge?

How does it stay in your consciousness?

Or does it?

Are you passionate or just find it interesting? 

The residue of a conversation, advice, or lesson is the emotion it elicits. 

The intensity of a feeling correlates with how strong the memory is and how long it lasts. 

When you forget a word, a feeling comes, a stimulus. 

Your body feels its importance and then leads the memory of the word to flood back

Sometimes with it an experience or story. 

The connection is life: a string of emotions.


Emotions aren't brought by choice...

But what if they were? 

What if a smile could change your whole day

Or simply choosing to take yourself outside your comfortable cage by taking a risk?

Once outside the barrier who can stop you?

Freeing myself from my own head equals eternal freedom.

And then there is only one winner left: bliss. 


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