Snow White

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My name is Snow White I got my name from my mother Who died when I was young But I love her still   But anyway, Where do I live? With my prince of course! I love him, 
They robbed her of her darkness Gave her ebony hair and an apple to bite Made poison her downfall And a kiss her salvation They forgot what was real Now she sings songs on Broadway
Hair as black as night so it blends in woth the smoke of her home villiage Skin as white as snow reflecting the moonlight like a mirror Lips as red as blood er- red with blood
Once upon a time a story was told A tale well known and ever so old Adapted to suit the mind of kids, Now wrong and lost, wandering amid So I am here to share today The truest of truths known to date
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? I look upon its clear, clean slate praying it will reveal my face I can't remember the last time I slept Or had a mother to whom I wept 
Mirror, mirror, on the wall Who is fairest of them all? Not me, that much is true I'm not as beautiful as you.
You've heard the magical tales  Of faraway lands With flying children, lovesick mermaids Genies in the Arabian sands  
Once Upon a Time …   There was a mother to be who sat by a window staring at the sky. A sorceress of nature, married to the King, holding wild rye.
His first memory Mother’s anxious face peering at him from above A tiny little heart bursting with love He tries to let it out, Needs to let it out He opens his mouth   Nothing  
once upon a time  our lives were intertwined the right way the love we had so sticky sweet rich like batido de mamay* flower garlands  lockets  locked hands
Once upon a time, A princess sat inside a tomb -a crystal coffin set by dwarves beneath the light of crescent moon-   They watched her blink her glassy eyes
Once upon a time I tried to kill my daughter, I know, I’ve read every story I’ve seen how it goes   “The evil queen with an envy filled heart Would try to kill Snow White without even a start.”  
Once upon a time in suburbia not far, there lived a middle aged women who lived on a hill.
Rotten Core. That's what I found of you the one I adore. Adored. Once you came to my house with that apple, Charming, your smile full of esctacy
Am I really reduced to this? A so called "Evil" queen? One who'd kill for the crown? Please honey, I don't need to cheat Or kill for that matter, Such a suggestions makes me frown.  
My name belongs to wonderland, to the black forest in which I stay A place of magic, wonderment and the plague—that’s how I lost my father too Mother knows best, doesn’t she? That’s why I frolic in these woods
Twice upon the night No where near the daylight Was a knock at the eight dwarfs’ room It was a quaint little nook Five rocks from the brook
Dear Snow, You probably don't remember me. I'm the last dwarf- Silence. Doesn't really roll off the tongue like the others, you know. Now when my brothers first brought you home,
Seven little dwarves carrying bricks; One strained too much and then there were six.   Six little dwarves went for a dive; One went too deep and then there were five.  
After the apple she doesn’t eat much. Not that she did before. Being a princess Means being beautiful. Being beautiful
Once upon a time- In a land far before the days of rhyme  stood one wiser than all, and that would be I.    Knowing all, naive to none, I once upon a time, was a brilliant someone.   
Once upon a time Not long ago There was a girl Whose name was snow She had a touch That chilled to the bone
As cliche` as it sounds, this fairytale begins like all the rest, but this once upon a time, is at its very best.   Born in a kingdom were two twin girls, both bore beauty that the world never knew before,
As cliche` as it sounds, this fairytale begins like all the rest, but this once upon a time, is at its very best.   Born in a kingdom were two twin girls, both bore beauty that the world never knew before,
"Why am I so feared?"  I ponder this ages. I ponder this for years.  I am the "Evil Queen," they say.  "Snow White, the poor girl!" they say.  I wasn't always this obsessed with beauty and such
Once upon a time, A beautiful princess Dressed in a bright blue ball gown Had finally escaped from her evil stepmother. It all seemed so typical Until one day
Once upon a time… There lived a women with devouring beauty in the deepest woods of a quaint city. Not a single soul dared to travel near, for she eliminated all who she could hear.
  Ok. So maybe there were never 7 and a pretty girl.   Just one. Just her. And they were all pieces of her mind
She is the fairest of them all Her ruby red lips spew seduction And men fall   Snowy skin frosted with innocent sin It screams to be marred
What if Snow White’s skin wasn’t pale as snow?   But instead, a rich mahogany polished and refined and given a chance
i am not a princess,  i am a queen.   at my fingers is not a bippity boppity wand, but a sword called excalibur. at my side is not a mouse and a sweet bird, but the servant of maleficent, 
Once upon a time In a land not so far away Where the balance of good and bad Forever sway   But what would happen
There once was a beautiful queen She had skin like honey, eyes like emerald, and hair as big as cotton candy. She was so beautiful  and kings traveled far and wide to make her their bride.
    Snow White  
There once was a girl named Snow White Everyone in the land thought she was the most beautiful and bright Except for the evil queen, who hated her a ton
Once upon a time there was a story that was left untold Where the wicked queen was even more wicked and had somewhat happy life, She let the rain fall, and let the witch come
Seven hands, seven mouths, Seven people to feed. Cleaning this and cleaning that, A vacation badly in need.   Snow White this and Snow White that,
this story is like non before started out just settling my score. collecting souls, showing them grace, but never bare my grimly face. yet, the scene before me was like every other,
I used to be shiny, yummy, and red Baked into pies both warm and delicious; But now here I sit with flies, rotting instead And suddenly now I'm nothing but vicious, The princess I meant no harm to one bit;
Once upon a time, there was a girl flying her kite. Her name was Snow White. She was as beautiful as the stars. She was pure in her heart.   An old, mean looking lady gave her an apple one day.
Once Upon a Time there lived a girl, a happy little girl with a heart made of gold,  a mind full of intelligence and a beautiful soul.But it wasn't her heart, her mind or her soul people saw. It was the mask she
I lay waiting, true love surely on its way. Because true love, exists, right? Happily ever after, I'll wait a thousand years if I have to.
Once upon a time, Extraneous forces brought me at a roundabout, for I was at an impasse of life that I did not wish to bring about on my own accord,
   Apple (Voice one)                     Old Woman (Voice two)    Victim (Voice three) My skin is boiling                                                     I see the small cottage
This apple you bestow to me This is beauty, all you can see Victory you crave  How could you be so brave As to sentence me to death    Beauty is only skin deep 
This apple you bestow to me This is beauty, all you can see Victory you crave  How could you be so brave As to sentence me to death    Beauty is only skin deep 
Once upon a time, In a land far away, I sat in a peasant’s house, Hidden in disarray.   I had once been reflective, And when they were introspective, Telling the truth was my objective,
They called me a monster, They called me a witch.  They called me a hypocrite,  A bully, a snitch.    They called her beautiful,  A sight to be seen.  More beautiful than any,
Once upon a time There were seven kingdoms Founded by seven sisters And blessed by an immortal witch The stories of these kingdoms You may find familiar But know that all is not as it was told  
"Why must she be so gorgeous?" I look at the young girl playing at my husband's  feet. She has his expressive, thick eyebrows long, slender height and aquiline nose, but
Let me tell you a story, And allow me some of your time, As well as some of your heart.   Let me tell you a story about a girl named Snow White, A girl traditionally known for her beauty, Her purity,
<p>Mirror, Mirror, on the wall;I'm standing here staring appalled.Whose that girl in the reflection,Laced with all those imperfections.
Once upon a time In forest, far away A young, forgotten princess; In tupperware, she lay.   Her prince came riding up
Once upon a time. . . There lived a princess called snow white.Her skin as pale as snow.Her hair of ebony glow.Her lips as red as blood.Yet her beauty was still shunned.
Once upon a time, in a town far away, You know how the story goes; There lived a young girl with ebony black hair, Snow white skin, and lips red as the rose;
Snow White made some changes and inspired those seven dwarves She applied the lessons learned and changed her life for the better Dopey took notice, he made his move and became a motivational speaker
I am born. And pass through a system white and holy. The juxtaposition of sickly green and healthy, blush red. The devil’s advocate, weapon of deception.   Those precious vocal chords rest,
It’s been a while now. Your horns of fire and blood
Lookest in mine eyes and tell me it isn't she, but the one that stands before you, your    most beloved, me.  
Dear newlywed Snow White, now Mrs. Charming,   I know I should be off working right now. I will as soon as this is done. First off, I should probably introduce myself.
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