A Story is a Lesson

The point of this is to be heard

Among a crowd, one reads my word

My story and struggle one must listen

I have dreams and goals so pay attention

I was born and followed by three

but my siblings aren’t quite like me

I’m the one who knows what was

the sad circumstance, our parents buzz

My first five years were spent like that

In our house a welcome mat

For druggies thugs and hooded figures

Shady deals with hidden triggers

And I remember because I saw it all

But my three siblings were all too small

We moved around to different places

House to apartment to trailer spaces

My grandparents came and just took two

But with the babies, what to do

They split us up and sent them away

With another aunt they’d live and stay

My new home wasn’t comforting

We weren’t aloud to play or sing

Twelve years passed by, unhappiness

I lived in fear and nervousness

When finally I’m independent

I make some money then I spend it

My grandparents would scream and shout

I yelled right back, they kicked me out

Sorry, I don’t want to be

Someone else who isn’t me

I don’t like the choices you decide

I’m a teenager so yes I lied

I’m living now with my sober mommy

But drugs have made her more a zombie

I sometimes wish for a different life

One without the hurt and strife

But with it I’ve learned tolerance

Responsibility and happiness

I’ve learned to find joy in the smallest things

Like good grades instead of shiny rings

I’ve learned life is long and class is short

So what’s a little learning hurt?

That minimum wage is still money

And not all kinds of jokes are funny

I still have a lot more to learn

But to be heard, now it’s your turn

Do me a favor, pay attention

To these next words I hope you listen

When you say “I do” then mean it

If you have children, make them clean it

Wear a smile everywhere you go

And tell your story so all will know


Need to talk?

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