Storm Raging On

Storm raging on;
     wrapped in the arms of the one
     whom I loved,
     whose lips leave ghostly shadows
     on my own,
     whose touch breathed life
     into my longing heart.

Tendrils of warmth release me.
     I crawl from the comfort of the bed,
     blankets lie piled at the foot,
     pillows stacked at the head,
     smelling of cologne
     sweet and familiar;

The scent follows me,
     making my way to the window
     in the dark,
     across the floor,
     through the mess.

Quiet sighs filling the room,
     whirlwinds sweeping around us
     raindrops catching in the screen,
     forming a wall of water.

Storm raging on;
     thunder rolls around the hills,
     it echoes in the valleys.
     lightning illuminates the trees.
     and carves the sky.
     shrouded by darkness,
     rain soaks the Earth.


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