Fri, 01/17/2014 - 03:30 -- Shamo


We think we're alone,

Accompanied by nothing but,

Pains that linger,

aching from toe to finger,

Breaking apart our hearts and souls,

Making us lose all control,

But stop!


We feel it in,

Guess what's there,

Making the bones creak,

The kness weak,

The vessels break,

Our hearts ache,

But stop!


What's missing?

Are we amiss?


Ignored though begotten?

Like the grain that tips no scale?

Or the unseen dust under the nail?

But stop!


The alones follow us,

But in reality we keep it,

We push and shove,

Look down, not above,

When eyes meets ours,

We stare at flowers,

But stop.


We look down,

Pushing daisies in our heads.

We don't speak,

To the kind nor meek,

We don't stare

At eyes, but air.

We stop.


We wait and forget,

Though sad and "alone,"

Though weary and weak,

We can still run, still seek.

Stand up and be heard,

Make alone just a word

And stop. 


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