On the Steep Ledge


On the steep ledge, i reached behind me

a flower appeared of the ordinary

as my eyes started to close

the world seemed to immediately freeze

i forced my lids open

and trembled in the cold quiet breeze

i felt my heart skip a beat

knowing that my life was incomplete

facing death, it was too soon

My face drained into the bright moon

it was not for my strength

pride didn't matter

it was my fate

He wouldn't let my heart shatter

When reality returned, i stepped back on my toes

in fear staring at the rocks far below

my stiff body trembled as i saw my breath

refusing the thought of that possible death

in awe, i held the weak gentle flower

then felt a rush of Gods power

I thanked him later when i decided to pray

i promised i would cherish each remaining day

i tried to be daring, i would never again

never go somewhere i should not have been

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