Staying Strong Is What I Do.


Do you know anyone that got a pamphlet to understand the steps, obstacles, challenges on being a student? Most of us didn't which in my opinion was the best way. We all are going to have our different routes in school so why should we all follow that pamphlet. If you are as timid as me then your map might have a lot of RED WARNING signs signaling to be aware. I'm very studious to the point where I get picked on; not only by students though by teachers. I also can take the comments that I recive quite well. Although I never diresepct an adult unless something major happens. Though what do you so when your teacher commets rudly to the point where you must instinctly respond back. I guess thats why i'm here, right? If I go go back to my elementary school I would say/yell "YOU KNOW WHAT BITCH I DON'T WANT TO READ OUT LOUD I HAVE A FUCKIN PROBLEM WITH READING AND TEND ON READING BY MYSELF. IF YOU ACTUALLY GAVE THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS WHO MADE FUN OF ME A ACTUAL PUNISHMENT I MIGHT ACTUALLY FELL BETTER BUT NO YOU JUST LET THEM PRACTICLLY PISS ON ME.' If I go back to middle school I would say/yell "NO I DON'T TO DO THIS MATH ITS TOO FUCKIN HARD IF YOU MIGHT TEACH IT BETTR I MIGHT UNDERSTAND. WHY DO I HAVE TO RUN THE EXTRA LAP WHEN THEY WERE WALKING WHILST I WAS RUNNING; NO BITCH YOU RUN, YOU'RE ALREADY FAT ENOUGH SO GO. WHY MUST I STAY AFTER CLASS WHEN I WASN'T PART OF THE GROUP THAT MADE FUN OF YOU." If  I could say this during high school I would say/yell " YES IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS NOW WILL YOU LET ME USE THE RESTROOM BEFORE I FUCKIN BLEED ALL OVER THIS CHAIR. I'M DEALING WITH FUCKIN SOCIAL ANXITY AND YOU WANT ME TO WRITE THAT LONG ASS PROBLEM ON THE BOARD, HELL NO! MY STRESS LEVEL JUST ROSE BEACUSE THIS MOTHER FUCKER PUSHED UP THE TEST. YES I HAVE ALLERGIES AND NEED TO BLOW MY NOSE OUTSIDE SO WHAT NOT ALL OF US ARE FUCKIN BORN ALERGYLESS! ITS THE WEEKEND AND YOU WANT A FUCKIN MINI PROJECT DUE SUNDAY NIGHT! YES I LOVE ONE DIRECTION DON'T YOU DARE SAY A FLAW ABOUT THEM BEFORE I FUCKIN POINT OUT EVERY FUCKIN FLAW THAT YOU HAVE AND MAKE YOU BUY ME ONE DIRECTION TICKETS WITH THE MEET AND GREET OR ILL FUCKIN KILL YOU WITH A TAZER. YES I LOVE BIG SWEATSHIRTS SO WHAT, THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M DEPRESSED I JUST FUCKIN LOVE BEING ABLE TO FEEL SECURE". The list may go on to how I feel though I try not letting it get to me; last thing..''FUCK ALL OF YOU BITCHES THAT EVER THOUGHT OR TREATED ME LIKE I WAS YOUR ARSE. I'LL BE MUCH BETTER THAN YOU AND IT WILL BE MY GENERATIONS TURN TO TALK SHIT ABOUT YOUR, SO YA KISS MY 2015 ARSE''


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