From Start to Finish


You start your day off with no filter

Then look in the mirror and see a flaw

The flaw no one notices but you

Your heart drops with insecurity

And so does your self-esteem too


The filter you first rely on is make up

Make up- what you should look like 24/7

And no one from the outside world should see you without

Prime your face to prepare yourself for hiding the no filter you

Cake on foundtion so you can balance out your flaws and society

Conceal the spots your foundation couldn't cover up because, the flaw was too deep

Set your face with a translucent filter so during the day your flaws won't start peaking out

Draw a black line on your eyelids to cover up the true feelings behind those brown eyes

Apply mascara and false eyelashes to make it impossible to find the no filter eyes you were born with

Contor your face to create illusions and shadows your flaws can hide behind


Finally, you're ready to photograph the filtered you

Find a place with good lighting, to make it easier for the filtering process after

Angle the camera slighty above your head and at an angle that'll make your body look slim


Repeat until statisfied with what society would consider "good enough"

Once you're picture is "good enough", find a photo filter that hides your flaws in the picture

Post your photo on social media and wait to see how many likes you can get


Take away the adrenaline rush I feed off of how many likes I could get

Take away the photo filter

Take back all the time I wasted trying to take that one "good enough" picture

Take back the pain from arching my body a certain way and my burning arms from holding up the camera

Take back the time I wasted trying to find the perfect lighting

And what do you end up with?

A no fliter picture of a filtered me


Now erase the lines I contored my beautiful face with trying to create an illusion of beauty society welcomes

Rip off those false eyelashes and rub away the mascara and make the impossible, possible to see my brown eyes my mother gave me

Wipe off the black line I drew on my eyelids to show the feelings I've been trying to show but always end up covering

Wipe off that translucent filter because, who cares if your flaws start peaking out

Wipe off the concealer used to cover the flaws my foundation couldn't because, since the flaws were so deep it was meant to be seen

Wipe off that foundation I caked on because I shouldn't have to push the balance in life

And last but not least, take off that primer, I don't need to hide the no filter me


So you may ask who is the no filter me?

I am a creative girl who keeps to herself

I am a leader that also blends in with the crowd

I have big dreams to fufill

I want to leave a blueprint to the world

I enjoy the company of my loved ones

I am down to earth

down to where my feet are devoured in the Earth's soil

So deep where filter is nonexistent















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