Star Treasures


United States
48° 3' 22.9032" N, 122° 8' 57.1992" W

The coming of freedom

The trails ablaze from our steps

Lighting the spark to our final showdown

Refuse again, the cries of defeat

Come, let us get up again on our feet

Friendly roars from lions in the clouds

We are going up like rockets

Coming down like shooting stars

We are the hidden gifts of the universe

We are the substance in the oceans of galaxies

Gladiators, remediators, motivators and achievers

Winners, Learners, counselors, and believers

Hugs from howling winds, crown us kings

Over great challenges and little things

Swift as in nocturnal flight of the night vision knight

Eyes that follow new roads to positive light

One more final step before we are finally free

Let us chant, until we cover the earth with our story

Our hearts' histories flying over housetops and trees

A triumph in the stars

Hearts racing faster than cars

The moon is facing us with a smile

When the sun goes to sleep, I pick the stars, my favorite ones

Just as you are, as I am, a glowing mirror of our hearts

Once kindled, never dwindled


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