Standing at Your Heart's Doorway

I see the most incredible woman I have ever met.

You make me smile and laugh

Every time I see you and think about you.


I used to think that happy endings and

Dreams come true only happened in fairy tales.

But one became real and now standing in front of me.


I'm living my miracle every time I see you.

A precious gift to be handled with care

And opened with love.


Lately, I've noticed there are times you want me close.

Then there are times you back away.

I don't want to make you feel uneasy or add pressure.

And from what you have shared, I understand "Why?"


I know how I feel about you and you for me.

I see you struggling with your emotions

And as we spend more time together,

I realize it's beyond that.


You are the most beautiful woman in every way.

You inspire me and unlock words

That had been hidden deep within for so long.


You dare me to dream

And I see my dream right here with you.

I don't want to stand in the way of your dreams

And what your heart desires.

Here I am.

Standing at your heart's doorway.


There's so much I want to say and want you to know.

I didn't realize how unhappy I was until I met you.

I'll drive a thousand miles just to see your smile.


I want to be the man you can trust.

The man that brings out the best in you.

The man that makes you happy and comforts you.

The man that you can love.


I will always be your friend

And respect your decision.

I will always be there

If you should ever need me.


Here I am.

Standing at your heart's doorway.

Confessing everything that's in my heart.


Letting you know

How much you matter to me.

How much I care, respect, and love you.


Here I am.

Standing at your heart's doorway

Waiting for your response.



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