Standing Tall


I speak loudly and I speak proudly

about everthing about me

Ask me any question

and I'll give you a dissertation

I wear my heart on my sleeve

And so it's hard for people to believe

That this isn't the true, unbridled "me"


I'm terrifed

When I open my mouth

What will people think?

What will people say?

Am I wrong? Am I right?

Do they like me at all

Or are they just criticizing me

Quietly, silently

Laughing at me behind my back

Because what I think, to them,

Is pointless. Worthless. Useless.


I laugh so people think I'm confident

I match their gaze,

I stand bold and tall

But deep inside

My heart still shakes

My breath catches

Because when I open my mouth

I lose control of my words

They change. People change them

In their minds, in their hearts

And my feeling is lost


I'm not as strong as I seem to be

I don't even know how strong I seem to be

Because I know I'm afraid

I know I'm weak

Because I speak loudly and proudly

To keep out the silence.



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