Stages of Sadness

Darkness engulfs me as I sit among the silence,
The stalwart panging emotion of vagrance.
This feeling so strong stinging me like a bee,
Desperation seeming to overwhelm me.
Anxiety discovers a path to my brain,
Led there by my stress and pain.
Causing me to go insane,
Hitting me as hard as a train.
Tears stream from my eyes,
Envisaged by all the lies.
All the things incomprehensible,
No issues feeling imperceptible.
Thy body begins to tremble,
Proceeding from head to feet.
Harder, harder receding from gentle,
Until you’ve reached defeat.
Cut off breathing,
Rugged gasps of air.
Incapable of seeing,
Something you can’t bear.
Numbness eats you whole,
As sudden as an attack.
Taking over thy soul,
Entrapping you aback.
Thy nose hastily initiates to run,
Your heart suddenly weighs like a ton.
Eyes sting from all of the blinding tears,
A ringing starts piercingly in your ears.
Drowsiness commences to set in,
Thoughts decrease, starting to cease.
That’s when the appeasing dreams begin,
Finally, you can sleep soundly in peace.


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