Stages [of desparity?]


and you lie awake at night listening to the sweet stars whispering sweet lies.
the bright Darkness of the nightsky glaring down at you.
the scorching flames of Heaven screaming; laughing with a malevolency that echoes off the emptiness.

watch as the city falls apart.

and can you feel the Darkness pulling at your cold-dead soul with its cold, dead hands?
the grip squeezing out every bit of imensity left.
the devilish devotion of society devouring all you have left!
Goodbye, Hollywood! Goodnight, Gorgeous!
your self-esteem is but a memory! a dream!

can you breathe? can you feel the suffocation?

there's a greater Darkness. a Darkness so deep and lost not even the dead can find its ending.
the lost souls of the dead watching lives float by.
a thin film between Heaven and Earth, encaging them.
the lost souls of the dead, living in their God's light.
do you realize now that you are done?
that nothing is left of your once love?
Doomed forever about the thin layer of film!
(this lonliness. this heartbreaking lonliness.)
the dead, always alone; always wondering in search-
search of what? love? a home?
can you feel the shattering of your rhinestone heart?
it's done.


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