Tue, 05/27/2014 - 17:34 -- Toria

There are certain things that just cannot be done.
You can't sneeze with your eyes open.
Have you ever tried imagining what those colors
that are invisible to the naked eye look like?
It's impossible to lick your own elbow, I heard.

I've never tried that last one,
but there are many things I haven't tried.
I don't think I've ever tried to start a conversation,
or to leap out of my comfort zone.
I've never really been very happy either.

When I was learning Algebra my teacher told us
something about looking at how points and coordinates arranged themselves.
Something about how they could align themselves
to form a single line of best fit.

Now I wonder, where is my line of best fit?
Do my coordinate points come together
to look somewhat sensible?
Is there some common string
running through my life that,
if only I could find,
would make sense?

I think of colors a lot.
Yes, I do try to imagine
What those colors that's are invisible to the naked eye might look like.
In my mind's eye,
I can only see obviously hidden fuchsias and chartreuse.
These colors are vibrant and all,
but nothing special.


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