Speak Your MInd Slam


Pool of Regret

I'm in too deep

WAY too deep

So deep, I dont evn know how to get back out

Well, I shoul't say that because I do know how to get out

It's more of do I want to

Because it's kind of nice being here

No thinking, just doing

No worries, just laughing

I've been here so long; it's become the only home I know

I've lived my life in the fast lane

Just driving, driving, driving

Never slowing down

Because if I slow down, I might think

If I think then I might realize

If I realize then I regret

If I regret then I stop driving

And just sit there

Doing nothing

Feeling nothing but the ugly R word pounding in my skull

Regret, regret,regret

It repeats itself over and over again in my head

I know it's better if I stop and think

But I don't want to

I don't want to think

I don't want to thnk about the right words to say

I don't want to think about the right thing to do

I just want to live

Just live and not think

Just live and not feel

Just live and not hurt

Just live and not...


Oh no, there it is again

The R word

This is just a metaphor for how life is

You start to live life with no regrets, no worrries, just driving

Until you crash

Then you're forced to look what you've done

Look what you've done

But you don't stay too long

To avoid looking at the damage

So you start driving again

And the cycle continues

But does it have to?

Do we.....Do I have to?

Can I just stop the car,get out and walk?

Walk and see, walk and touch, walk and feel

Walk and realize with my own eyes what has happened

Repair the damage caused and move forward

Instead of driving in a circle

No. No. I can't

It's too much

Too much to see

Too much pain

Too much depression

Nothing gained

But regret

So let's just keep driving, driving, driving

No thinking, just doing

No worries, just laughing

Laughing, laughing, laughing

All the way home....






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