{In this galaxy,

you may not recognize yourself,

be careful where you whisper,

and who you ask for help.

If the moonflash makes you ignite,

while raindrop kisses fall,

just breathe it in, and dream it out,

forget what you recall.}


Only to dizzy you up I'm told

that I speak in rhythm and rhyme,

but I'm sure you never noticed that

my sparkle makes you shine.


I bet you never saw it from that angle,

before you fell onto your knees.

Aren't you glad I got you spinning?

Aren't you glad that you can see?


A broken mirror isn't really broken,

it just makes more reflections than one,

and don't think of sand as unfound dust,

just shattered glass in the sun.


The stars could be your only friends,

you can't always see them but they're there.

Some moments take your breath away,

while some, become your air.


But if you never believed

would you be the person that you are?

If there was never night,

would you be different because of the stars?


Hearts skip a beat -not when they're out of time-

they've only found the right music.

All your songs will just sit ready to play,

all you have to do is click.


Electricity buzzes when it pours through a system

static makes your fingers twitch,

and you never thought that this would be

a moment that makes you flinch.


Eye contact makes a stellar surge,

this magic blows your mind.

Here you're generated just by sparks

to find you're lost in time.


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