The spark in me

to breath

to think clearly

to share

to shed light

but not to be heard 

beacuse that might 

open doors that i want to remain closed

it might force me to come clean about what keeps me up at night

when people hear your story

they feel sorry

but i dont want your sympathy

I'm broken because I choose to be

but if you're wise you'll see my cry for help through these lines 

but what can you do?

because i won't open up to you.

Get me high

make me fly

there's something about the altitude that forces the  secrets from my lips

I may even tell you about the times i took all those pills 

show me that there's more to life than what i see

that there won't always be struggle

thats it's worth living

write  me a poem

write me a song

paint me picture

light a bong 

spark my creativity 

because i can feel my shine dimming



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