South Wind


United States
35° 48' 46.458" N, 78° 46' 53.8392" W

The south wind blows and I will miss you
Who will you miss, though?
Have you anybody to know, grow, set seeds and sow?
We fall, fall, fall to the blue, into the blue

And then...

Right out from the blue we come again
And I can't finish one thing no, no
I try, try and give it one more go
But instead of five I come out with half-tens

And yet...

In the short, short form I feel quite alright
I don't have to think too hard, you know?
I crave success, I miss you, although
If I had to pick between two evil sights

I'd pick the one that benefits me most...
Pot roast
I boast, toast, coast along life
Cause the south wind blows, you know-oh-oh!
I broke the pattern, ha ha! Woah, woah:
So what?

Structure stripping down the art
Simplifies the world for all, for all
It helps, it moves... and I've no gutter ball
I find the piece, I play my part

You see...

A muse may come, and music may flow
Through valleys of desperation
Simplify, simplify cause relaxation
I crave success, my co-dependence on hold

You know...

I have learned a thousand grains
But all my head is words and fleeting
Structure northbound, like birds of reaping
Savor, save, destroy but pain

It radiates, controls
I break free, no structure... Head to structure.
Love hate, I've seen it before. I've lived this before... Hell, this is who I am.
Hypocrisy, like a south wind bringing a warm breeze to the Northern lights
A sight, I fight, I bite - I go fly a kite
Cause I've endured far worse, and far more
I've got the art, it's right for the blank wall
I fill the space, turn on the light, sit and wait for-

The south wind blows through cages,



It's so great how you played around with rhyming different lines and also talking directly to the reader, because it really felt like I was part of the poem! Check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section for even more exciting ways to experiment with poetry!

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