Sounds of the Game

Now there were only screams,

an onslaught of screams,

the people jumping in rhythm,

and football players feeding off of the noise.

There’s singing screams, like bum-bum-bum but piercingly loud,

and then cheering-you-on screams and get-the-damn-ball screams and what-are-you-doing screams.

Then shrill-hyena screams that either laugh with you or at you,

and then we-won-omg-call-my-friends-I-told-him-so-post-this-now screams

Then screams after the game that have little voice to be heard the this-tailgate-isn’t-over-yet-I-made-burgers screams

When they finally leave you can hear nothing but the be-back-next-Saturday screams...

This poem is about: 
My family


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