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 ‘Twas an ill wind blowing on that August day. ‘Twas a portent of what was headed that way. All saints and sinners, aye ye better take heed, of the storm they called Katrina.  
This view reminds me of a Norwegian fjord though I’ve never seen one in my life. The magnificent rocks
   Silent screams are the worst.    These are the lessons we learn; sitting quietly is the most brutal form of torture. Violence comes from the silence of our minds.    Here is what we see;
Would anyone care if I dropped off the earth, Would anyone shed a tear? Several sobs, a few gasps, some chairs at my funeral,  Then I'm just simply not here.  Would anyone care if I ended my life, 
It's not a trial to slay a doe Among the forest floor and snow, Enchanted by the final breath Echoing from the chasm breath. A soul escaping from a snout,  A final breath struggles out
"Where did the connection go?" He asks as he sits on his phone, his body language screams, "Engrossed in a world that's not his own."
Empty words on empty screens,  A silent generation screams Behind the masks of pleasant faces, Witty pictures, clever phrases,  We break, we cry, We sob, we fight, And segregated, rot and die,
Now there were only screams, an onslaught of screams, the people jumping in rhythm, and football players feeding off of the noise.
Beatings, bruising, cuts and scars Smiles to hide the pain Wishing on a shooting star That I could fly away   Heartbreak, tears, screams and cries Hidden day by day Covered up with laughter
A worn out face stares through the fog, forgotten voices fill her head. The dripping of the constant rain, diminishes the never ending pain.   Two dim lights finally appear,
There was a smell of suicide in the air tonight.
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
The nervous sensation running down my skin, the only thing I feel is the desire to win. The wraps in my gloves are sweaty, my shoulders and arms feel heavy. I threw my last punches with all my power,
We go to school every day and see the friends we've made, As time runs the marathon we begin moving on  Youre18 now, responsabilities busting down yuor door The ressure and loneliness maks you feel absent, a ghost.
My head hurts. / My throat screams. / My hands shake. / This is no dream. / My eyes water. / I crouch down. / I cover my ears, / To shut out sound. / I miss my home. / I miss the quiet. / It's just too much. / All of this riot. / I want a hug.
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