Something Special-Gone

Correct me if i'm wrong But didn't we have something special? Something that was sweet and nice and long? Lasted a few years but over in seconds neither of us wanted it to end but we gave up dont you rememeber how this went? You wanted to be with her and I wanted to have more freedom. It was an equal deal but I made a mistake. You were my freedom my joy my bestfriend I shouldn't have gave you up. You love her more than me I know it. Why cant i be happy for you? I respect you but you didn't have to push me away. I am in love with you. Doesn't that mean anything to you anymore? I call to say hi but you dont answer. What is it that i did wrong? I should've fought harder but you wanted someone else. You weren't happy so how could I have kept you with me miserable? Misery Misery now i feel it to just from being without you Baby i just want you back dont you understand? What does she have for you that i will never understand? Time to move on and see other people i get it but your the only one i want to see. Running through my mind yea i know that i'm lame. But i truly miss you. You were like my air without you i couldnt breathe. I guess its time for me to find another way to breathe. Love you but hate you for breaking my heart. I never wanted freedom not from the start. Your happiness is the only thing i care about so i have no choice but to let you live your life the way you want. WIthout me. With her, your new queen and you her "sir".


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