Something That I Can’t Live Without

What can’t I live without?

I’ve been thinking out loud;

“Well, the sun is important” Said my mom,

“Food is important” Replied my dad,

“What about your iPad?”  Said my little bro.


Hours passed and night arrived

Monday appeared and nothing came.

What can’t I live without?”

I kept asking myself.


School is important,

I realized one day.

But I can still learn  

Without going anywhere


“The answer will come”

Kept saying my mom,

“Let the time flow

Because your answer it holds”


Another day passed

And nothing my mind granted.

“Where is the answer?”

My mind always highlighted.


“Your mom is important”

Commented my dad,

“Honestly! Imagine the house

Without her ordering us around.”


Yet the answer didn’t come

And time kept ticking away.

“What can’t I live without?”

I kept replying in my head.


“Talk about anime” said my little bro,

“They are awesome and you like them”

Said he without a pause.

“Or what about internet” continued he speaking about.


And after thinking for hours

Wondering out loud,

The thing that I can’t live without

Is what I always hold around.


It is my family what I can’t live without;

Their advices and comment

Shape my world around.


For my mother, father and brother

Thankful I will always be,

Because without them around

I would not be able to live.

This poem is about: 
My family


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