Does anyone see the girl over there?
The one who let's everyone know that she cares,
The one who has stabwounds on her back,
And stories to tell,
The one who fakes a smile,
To let everyone know she's well,
She stands there,
But it seems like no one sees her,
As no one waves a hand,
Or says hello,
She stands there waiting,
Waiting for someone to be her friend,
But she goes unoticed,
She's quiet and reserved,
Deep down she's yelling 'I WANT TO BE HEARD!'
As if she's a ghost,
She's invisible and lonely,
But no one sees her pain,
Her eyes burn like acid her tears fall like rain,
Yet no one knows how much she cried,
Her pillow holds thousands of tears,
From people who hurt her year after year,
The smile fools everyone,
As she let's people inside,
But why don't they see her?
Because the real her chose to hide,
They only see a shadow,
A shell of what used to be,
That girl who's no longer there,
That girl used to be me 


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