Some Days


Some days I just wanted to scream

I just wanted to runaway

Or melt as if I were cream


They make everything seem like a dream

But there are so many things in the airway

Yet everyone wants me to satisfy them


Nothing seemed right, it felt like a scheme

Running away wasn’t helping so all I did was pray

Hoping things wont go to the extreme


Then I went to my sister’s house to blow off some steam

I know she was tired, but she listened to me until the next day

She made me realize I had to work on my self-esteem


She also made me realize we have to work as a team

She told me don’t listen to what people say

She taught me the meaning of redeem

For a minute I thought I was living the American dream

But all of a sudden everything turned gray

Some days I just want to scream

Or melt as if I were cream



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