Solitary Confinement


I sit here, alone.

Eyes set to the ceiling;

thinking, too much. not enough. 

Clock ticks, sand grains fall. slowly, fast, whatever.

Sleep doesn't come, eyes never move. 

Open, close, who knows. 

Body doesn't budge, only movement is from breathing. 

Chest up, down, and up again.

No one comes, no one leaves. Do they care?

Hmm, probably not.

Why would they? every crime deserves justice. 

Terrible people like me don't deserve friends right?

People like me, who never listen, people who neglect, people with no heart.

Well, when the neglectee becomes the neglected, its what they asked for isnt it? maybe.

How long does it take to learn a lesson?

The time seems extended, good huh?

But, what if the crime committed wasn't their intention?

Does that count for anything?


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