Soldier W.

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 01:08 -- tgarcia


Standing on our two feet
Living without regret or defeat.
We are what Rory the roman 
will wait a thousand years for a woman.
 We are those who will rise to greatness,
and those who men will worship bowing down at us shameless.
For we are queens tough as nails.
Female champions with no epic fails.
We are  soldiers,
ones who are  stronger than any boulder.
A man has not the strength of women,
for women are blessings disguised with full lips of crimson.
We carry burdens heavier than atlas carrying the earth,
and more valuable then diamonds are worth.
In history we have been pushed down,
been in chains, shackled bound.
Every color, every race
the liquid pain running down our face.
We have been assumed as the weaker sex,
but what is the truth according to the text?
We have made it far into the world,
as though we are like pearls.
Small, and rare,
but with so much care.
We have went from child carriers, 
to females breaking major barriers.
Like the female scientist Marie Currie,
to the thousands of females archeologist digging our treasures deeply buried.
We are soldiers under appreciated,
but like true beauty it will never be faded.
Although seen in recent times 
women have been seen to be sold for dimes.
The realization of not knowing how precious they are
Led them to dancing half naked in bars
Still like their ancestors they wear their pain liquid on their face,
and those,who judge are wrong disgrace.
They don't realize that they are trying
although you probably can't see through their crying.
The women laying down at night
might have  kids who they can't afford to feed because money is tight.
They are all alone with no no help, 
And then you have those who 
do not care about anything, but theirselves, and wealth.
Who  do not care, do drugs, party, and do not worry about their health.
This is just another test we will overcome these hardships, and be the best.
We are learning through our imperfections,
and finding cures for this infection.
We are soldier who come in many shapes, and sizes.
We are women who are strong, and lead different lives.
We are women who achieve
because we have work hard to succeed.


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