The Solar System

It’s strange, isn’t it?

Its warmth is needed for survival

But as soon as you reach toward it

As soon as you try to look at it a little more closely

You get burned

You're blinded

Its initial, welcoming glow, peaceful and inviting, draws you out of sleep

Out of night’s fearful glare

Its heat keeps you on your toes

Knowing you should protect yourself from its rays

You choose to bask in it for hours

Just to see how far you can get

Before it bites back

And the peeling, red wound it leaves behind hurts more than you anticipated

You never remember just how much pain something so beautiful can cause

When it sets, all you want is its light

When it rises, all you want is to forget

About before

When it didn’t care about how you felt

When it ignored your need for comfort

And you do.

You look at its cheerful greeting

And forget.

You trick yourself into thinking

This time it will be different

You have on sunscreen

But you don’t realize it’s only SPF 1

And the cycle repeats.

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