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The government, the military, and the police are organizations that work together. These organizations should find a way to do their jobs without doing the following things. 1. Embarrass innocent people,
You told someone to tell me that you miss me and you long to see me, But I can’t accept that because you know where I live and you don’t visit me. It seems that you have a problem with me because my hair is long.
Many people have taken the wrong approach to the issue of the Covid-19 vaccine. Who should be afraid to socialize with others, vaccinated persons or unvaccinated persons?
Oh! My classmets, where it will be ending, When teacher met, are very noising, If are being cought, are just pretending, If teacher tought, are just sleeping.
It’s strange, isn’t it? Its warmth is needed for survival But as soon as you reach toward it As soon as you try to look at it a little more closely You get burned You're blinded
Cherish me when I’m an absolute fool,
Clandestinely cascading-- The entire, pitiful, centerfold That I consider to be a sympathetic heart
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