Social Hierarchy


It's funny
We let what we do,say,and wear
Define us
That's not what matters
We are our actions,our desires,our words
We lead lives that allow us to hide
We hide because we're scared
Scared of what others may think
What they will do
So we cower away and fake it
It's petty
But we all do it.
It's a vicious world we live in
A dog eat dog world
But the world should be afraid
Because the world knows we have the power
If we are ourselves we can change it
All of it
How society sees us,our friends,and ourselves
Fear is just four letters
Four letters that we let stand in the way of what we want
It's our world
We are the future of tomorrow
All it takes is us to forget it all
The cool clothes,hottest guy or girl,and popularity
Because it won't matter in the end
The only thing that will
Is the experiences we took away from it all
The memories that will be with us forever
It doesn't matter now
It won't matter 5 years from now
Forget it all
Stop listening to others
Find your voice
Be you

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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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