Betrayl seems something of the sort

Heart breaking under what was thought of a friendship

Blankets close around, heart pounding nonsense beats

Breathe and stop

It's not worth it but it feels like it is

Don't cry, keep it here

Locked inside the mind of a semi-controlled beast

Stop, use your words, calmly and softly

But nothing comes out

Pain errupts, tears pour

It was never worth it

My time or yours

Hit hard, wings broken, never to fly again

Stuck on the ground hidden in your shadow

Working hard to live up to your standards

To be what I thought we were from the start

I guess things crumble, blown apart

The towers of my heart falling

Breath fading, hands writhing

It wasn't meant to be like this

It wasn't meant to end like this

But it ended only for me

Your realization hasn't even started yet

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