Smile because you're loved, you're fortunate, you've got no reason to be sad. 

Smile because everyone around you passes by without a second glance, a second thought, a second word. 

Smile because no one knows that you lied in bed for hours, writing the letter, saying that tonight's the night when you finally-

Smile; your mom wakes you up the next morning. You've failed. 

Smile as your pull down your sleeves, so no one sees that your porcelain skin has been defiled.

Smile because therapy is helping, the new meds are helping, no one can help me.

Smile as you make yourself sick, so sick that your teeth are rotting, your soul is rotting, you are rotting.

Smile because "It gets better"; at least that's what they say before they pull the trigger.

Smile because THAT'S a trigger and the list of triggers grows bigger and bigger until you-

Smile; God you have so much going right in your life. So why are you so down? You selfish, ugly little-

Smile, keep smiling, even though you cannot breathe. Every day is a marathon, and you didn't bring an inhaler but-

Smile. Your jaw hurts from smiling so you break all your teeth so you look as disgusting and helpless as you feel; so that no one will tell you to-

Smile, "Afterall, depression is just a phase all kids go through. You'll get over it. Just-"

Smile as you look at that fast moving car, you could jump in front and the pain will all be over

Smile while they send you away. These drugs won't help, you're numb enough so this treatment is just a treat meant to make you-

Smile. Nothing has changed. You're thinner, you're paler, still can't find an inhaler but-

Smile, since you are the main attraction. Instead of lack of eye contact, you hear the whispers and see the glances that force you to retract into your 

Smile as they up your meds and up your meds and up your meds and up your meds and up your meds until you're so exhausted, you've got no energy to

Smile until you give up. Until you can't keep pretending so you finally decide to put an end to your-


Smile because everyone around you passed you by without a second glance, a second thought, a second word. 

Smile because you were loved, you were fortunate, you had no reason to be sad. Why wasn't that enough to make you



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